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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Biofuel from Sugarcane

An entrepreneur from Malaysia has plans to introduce biofuel from sugarcanes into the local market. Azlan Abdullah says his technique could produce 7,000 litres of biofuel per hectare from local sugarcane fields, compared to 5,800 liters for palm oil.

Sugar cane fuel, a sweet alternative to petrol

It has been successful in Brazil and the Philippines.

Now local entrepreneur Azlan Abdullah wants to introduce it in Malaysia — biofuel made from sugar cane juice.

Together with a partner, a local scientist, they have produced high octane biofuel from cane sugar that is environment-friendly, cheaper than petrol and more importantly, a renewable source of fuel.


Azlan said his company could produce about 7,000 litres of biofuel from his one-hectare sugar cane field here.

The article doesn't say if it's biodiesel, ethanol or a petrol substitute. However, I will keep my eyes peeled for developments in this technology. If it is a petrol substitute that can run on present engines, well then I say this is a great development for Malaysia. Perhaps we can even sell the idea to Brazil who are currently the world's largest producer and consumer of sugarcane ethanol for internal combustion vehicles.

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